Develop an Action Plan

This section focuses on how to use the findings from the VT–ORG assessment to help identify the priorities that will inform the development of your action plan. You will need the VT–ORG Scoresheet and the Report on VT–ORG Findings.

Download the action plan

Task 1: Identify Areas of Strengths and Gaps

  1. Review the scores and focus group results by Area of Organisational Health and Individual Statements section of the report and determine—
  2. Go to the Action Plan
  3. Examine the findings for each of the five areas of organisational health and highlight your strengths in green and the gaps you want to work on in red.
  4. For each item, discuss the reasons why a practice may have received a particular score and enter them in the Rationale: Possible Reasons for This Score column.

Task 2: Review the VT–ORG Assessment Findings

The working group should convene as soon as possible and create a process for building consensus regarding the VT–ORG report and next steps.

Suggested Agenda Items for the First Meeting

Considerations for Setting Priorities

Task 3: Create an Action Plan

Your action plan should include steps for maintaining/enhancing strengths and addressing gaps.

  1. Review the highlighted strengths and gaps.
  2. In the column labeled “Priority Level,” assign a score to each item (1 being the highest priority and 3 being the lowest priority).
  3. Identify tasks to address each item, including identifying resources within the toolkit.
  4. Identify a person(s) responsible for each task.
  5. Assign a realistic timeline that will facilitate monitoring of progress.

See the following example:

Area of Organisational Health Specific Item From VT-ORG VT-ORG Score Rationale (Possible Reason for This Score) Priority Level (1-3) Tasks To Maintain or Build Capacity Lead/Responsible Parties Timeline (Month/Year)
Staff Health and Welness My agency offers services that support individual staff members (e.g., employee assistance program, chaplain services, contracted mental health providers). 4.5 Past efforts have taken hold and this level of support already provided. 1

Maintain budget to support existing services.

Ensure employees are aware of resources.

Review HR policies regarding confidential nature of services.

Executive Director, Human Resources Director January 2018

Task 4: Share the Action Plan With Staff

Consider the best forum(s) for communicating the priorities, tasks, responsible parties, and timeline for the action plan. This is an opportunity to emphasize that all tasks will be undertaken during regular work hours, staff’s role in the process, and how it will ultimately address staff and the organisational needs.

Organisations can determine which of the following options works best for them:

Task 5. Evaluate Organisational Response

Build in a monitoring process for the action plan. You may consider repeating the VT–ORG assessment after 1 year to determine if the areas where actions were taken show improvement in scores.